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Create a New RSS Feed From Several Others with Feed Mix!

 Feed Mix lets you easily combine a few RSS feeds into one feed, edit it, and upload it. It packs a unique combination of features!

Our application comes with a number of great tools, including its built-in RSS reader, WYSIWYG feed editor, blog client, HTML editor, image editor, XML editor, and FTP uploader. Each of these tools has a simple graphical interface, which makes it easy to create a web feed even for a novice user.

Feed Mix lets you easily create a web feed from a few existing ones. Just specify the content to be included in the new feed, and our application will do the rest automatically.
To create a feed, click the "New Project" button, and then select and add source feeds. As each source feed is automatically loaded, its content will be displayed in the preview area.

Then add a feed topic or a picture, and probably modify the newly created feed's layout. When you are satisfied with the result, use the built-in FTP client to upload the new feed to your website.



Video tutorial: how to mix feeds
Step-by-step example - how to use Feed Mix



"This was the only program I could find that easily creates the RSS file and saves it to my computer to update with website. Keep up the good work!"

Justin Fitzgibbon

"I want to congratulate you on the phenomenal product you have out there. I have been using it at home. Thank you for your efforts."

Andrew Brown

"An amazing power, an amazing tool."

Rachel Corrie









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